• Terms & Conditions

      The Marketing Doctors work on a balance between short-term exercises, medium-term projects, and long-term engagements.

      We avoid working to unspecified ‘day rate’ project lengths, as by determining the scope of each project in advance we can guarantee giving you the best service and value.

      Before undertaking any engagement we agree a fixed price, project duration and terms of engagement with the client, which include:

      • Scope of work
      • Client expectations
      • Mutual obligations
      • Deliverables
      • Service levels
      • Deadlines
      • Project duration
      • Payment terms

      Delivering total transparency is a core part of our ethos, as is doing what we say within the timescale agreed to do it.

      You’ll also find our payment terms are extremely fair and designed to make sure you never feel at risk.

    • Terms & Conditions

      We maintain very tight time and operational management systems which means that we can offer total transparency and a clear audit of time spent to demonstrate value.

      We always aim to match up the most suitable person to each client and ensure a successful and ongoing relationship.