• Customer¬†Engagement

      How large is your customer retention budget?

      Industry stats suggest that the cost of acquiring a new customer is between five and ten times as much as the cost of retaining one. Yet fewer than a quarter of B2B companies have ongoing customer retention programmes.

      The secret to keeping customers isn’t doing discounts at renewal/upgrade. It’s keeping aware of how their perception of your company has evolved from their first engagement through to today, and making sure that what you sold them continues to match up to their expectations.

      In a nutshell that’s what we find out.

      Then, working from that information, we help you build programmes that can turn unhappy customers into happy ones, and happy customers into advocates for your business.

      “It’s a company problem…”

      Customers touch your business in many different ways, which is why our work is not departmental. They don’t see the difference between Sales, Accounts and Support – they just see you as a single entity, only as good as your weakest point.

      In a typical project we cover all of the following:

      • Customers’ pre-sales impressions
      • Their impression of your marketing
      • How much they value reference programmes
      • Why they decided to buy from you
      • Structure of their buying chain
      • Their perception of the sales engagement
      • Quality of implementation and services
      • Their product experience
      • Support availability and quality
      • Lessons learned
      • Opportunities for improvement
      • New business opportunities
    • Turnkey packages

      Built into every Marketing Doctors project is a healthy measure of experience and strategic thinking. Our approach is comprehensive, and designed to take a problem off your desk and give you back a solution ready for implementation.

      Sometimes the answer is an increase in service rather than sales. Occasionally it calls for a radical change in the way you engage with customers.

      Whatever the findings, you’ll be basing your decisions on hard facts, truths that have come direct from your customers’ mouths.

      What better way can there be to guide your business’ success?