• White Papers

      Gartner confirms that white papers are among the most referred-to sources of information among ‘C-level’ executives. They have also identified that the kind of white papers they prefer match our editorial approach:

      • Focus on the business issue
      • Interview thought leaders
      • Share their experience
      • Balance facts and opinion
      • Maintain editorial integrity
      • Subtly position the client
      • Demonstrate the client’s excellence

      Our white papers are written to capture the essence of a business challenge or opportunity and build a case that demonstrates how your company creates best practice and delivers a unique solution. This is one of the most powerful ways to get on the C-suite radar.

      As part of this, we regularly commission market research. This gives the reader fresh insight into business challenges, and underpins the image of your business as a true innovator.

      Bringing the story to life

      There are many ways to share thought leadership results with prospects and customers, especially with the flexibility of the web.

      By creating genuine value in your collateral, not only will your standing be improved, your readers get useful information that will help to shape their thinking, and could get you onto the shortlist.

      This presentation for Citeline shows how animation can be used to cover highly complex subjects. In this case how managing patient trial site selection can be refined and improved to reduce the costs of trials substantially.


      You can see some examples of how we put this into practice by clicking on these links:


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