• Social Media Development

      Effective social media should be part of every business’s DNA, which means you don’t outsource it, but teach your people how to use it properly, understand what’s being said about your business online, and play an active role in promoting it.

      We’ve helped all sorts of businesses, from global giants like MicroStrategy and Citeline, to local charities, sole traders and SMEs, de-mystify social media ROI and implement the right approach through:

      • Training staff members to be socially-aware
      • Developing a content strategy
      • Learning how to leverage Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin
      • Creating effective comment guidelines
      • Building blogs
      • Defining response strategies
      • Empowering staff
      • Implementing effective analytics

      Our approach is designed to give you the knowledge and tools to turn social media into a healthy, and profitable, marketing channel.

      Social Media for B2B

      According to DemandGen’s 2102 content preferences survey, over 80% of B2B supplier decisions are now being made based on internet research into the business challenges they face. Currently just under a quarter of respondents turn to social media as their first resource, but even Richard Branson, quoting IBM’s 2011 CEO survey, believes that this will change dramatically in the next five years.

      Social media for B2B will always be a backup to face-to-face contact, but by building a socially aware company you can ensure that your customers have a positive interaction with all parts of the business, which will improve customer retention and drive up profits.

      One thing we don’t do however, is take the problem away. We firmly believe that social media is as intrinsic to your business as any other activity and see our role as helping you make that form of customer engagement as positive as possible.

    • Kickstart your programme

      Our “Social Media Kickstart’ is specifically designed to help smaller B2B businesses get the best return from limited resources, understand how to navigate the social landscape and build a solid foundation for moving forward and riding the wave of social success.

      It’s a busy, half day workshop that will help up to four of your key people understand how to make social work for your business without disrupting your work and includes:

      • Social media training for up to four people
      • Social media ‘best practice’ handbook
      • Create/improve company profile on relevant sites and groups
      • Page creation – Facebook and Linkedin
      • Set up social media analytics

      It’s comprehensive, busy and excellent value at just £2995.00.