• Executive Dinners

      Getting a dozen senior execs round an exclusive restaurant dinner table to hear about how well you’ve helped a major customer, is the single most powerful piece of marketing you can do. The return on investment, is phenomenal – if you do it right.

      With strong backgrounds in business and marketing, including working at CEO level, two of our Marketing Doctors are perfect dinner and event hosts, and have an outstanding track record of ensuring that everyone leaves with a clear understanding of the benefits of doing business with you, yet with no hint of a sales pitch.

      It’s a unique skill – everyone has a good experience and learns a lot from their peers around the table, including how good your company is, so they relax and open up the opportunity to do business.

      Prix fixé or á la Carte

      While some of our clients prefer to do all the organisation themselves, so use our services á la carte, others are much happier to outsource the whole job. Whatever your preference, you can choose from our services menu up to a complete package at a fixed price that includes inviting and chasing up the guests, together with:

      • Event planning
      • Four course meal and wine at a 5-star venue
      • Guest invitation and management
      • Speaker liaison, briefing and success story
      • Guest profiles
      • Hosting
      • Follow-up reporting
      • Guest thanks
      • Logistics
      We offer this service to both individual sponsors, as well as for co-sponsored events, for example where two companies want to promote a joint value proposition.

      Case Studies 

      An indication of how successful executive dinner programmes can be, comes from the fact that we have three case studies of our work signed off by clients!

      OpenText This single dinner moved more business across the line than any other marketing event that year. Click here for the full story

    • Guests of Honour

      We always work closely with our clients well in advance of the event to make sure that no detail is left unchecked.

      This includes developing key messages you would like to see woven into the conversation.

      Central to the success of the evening is the choice of guest speaker. We find that an existing and respected customer makes by far the most impact on potential customers, especially if he or she is sharing their experience.

      To make sure that they are comfortable and that we don’t miss any key points, we always interview the guest speaker beforehand. This means we’re fully up to speed with their experiences. It also enables us to produce a write up of their success story for guests to take away.

      For customers where the location is not easily accessible, or would require a tour to demonstrate our client’s work, we’ve shot videos of them in action and run this as a precursor to the speaker talking to set the comments in context.


      Informatica This was part of a complete ‘C-level’ programme we organised in the UK & EU, and generated over €20m of new revenue. Click here for the full story

      MicroStrategy asked us to organise an 8-city, 300 guests dinner tour covering the US and EU. We pulled it off in less than two months! Click here for the full story