• Event Leadership

      Are you looking forward to your next conference? Or dreading it?

      Do you hire a ‘personality’ who’ll turn up, tell you about their past success, probably crack a few jokes at the MD’s expense, and collect a cheque for £10k as they leave?

      Or would you rather work with experienced senior people who know your industry, understand your audience and will get your CEO’s respect to help build great content and ensure your messages come across successfully?

      We work with clients to take every opportunity to make their events fly. Whether it’s running a customer convention, a sales conference, a seminar, launch, round table or a discrete dinner.

      Events don’t have to be expensive to be effective, but they can’t just be thrown together – they need experience, planning, entertaining moderation and outstanding content.

      Which is what we bring to the party.

      Conceive, Create, Deliver

      When you put on an event you need to tell a story and take your audience on a journey – The best events have more in common with showbiz than the day-to-day life of a business, but you don’t have to bring in a star to get the best results.

      Our approach to content is to get the audience involved rather than enduring Death by Powerpoint, which is why our service is comprehensive and includes:

      • Programme design and advice
      • Content creation – including video
      • Presentation support and creation
      • Speaker coaching
      • Venue liaison
      • Event delivery

      We work closely with our clients’ specialist suppliers, such as venues and set designers, to make sure that everything goes smoothly on the day and your audience enjoys the event and leaves with the right impression.


      From Compliance to Cleaning

      The range of subjects we’ve covered in events is vast, and we’ve run events in places as diverse as Speyside, London and MonteCarlo, but then as a group of former CxOs that’s not surprising, as we’ve worked in most B2B industries in our careers.

      In just the last year we’ve hosted or presented at events covering:

      • Social Media
      • e-Marketing
      • Transport & Logistics
      • Facilites Management
      • Workplace Design
      • Financial Services Compliance
      • Information Security
      • Mobile & Agile Working
      So before you pick up the phone to hire some ‘talent’ why not give us a call and make sure your event is a winner?