• Customer Reference Programmes

      Your customers have the potential to become your best sales people, but you need to tell your customer’s story, focus on their business challenges and give them something that puts them in a good light among their peers.

      In the last two decades we’ve interviewed all kinds of people from global CEOs to deputy heads in primary schools and found that telling their story and showing how our clients helped them succeed makes some of the most powerful marketing collateral.

      Here are some examples:

      We frequently unearth great customer testimonials when conducting customer benchmarking programmes. In one case we found a highly satisfied CIO who became an ambassador for our client, and unlocked several million pounds worth of business for them.

      Rolls Royce Service

      We provide a complete end-to-end service for you and treat all our client’s customers as VIPs. We take care of them, we work to their schedules and respect their concerns. We make them feel special.

      We start with selling the programme internally – often the hardest part – and provide a full package:

      • Planning by sector and product
      • Sales team liaison and incentives
      • Customer engagement and interviews
      • Case study writing and production
      • Video case studies
      • Sign-off and clearance
      • PR agency liaison
      • Round tables and seminars

       Our costs deliver optimal value – you get outstanding references, at a very fair price, and with none of the headaches.


      Video & Podcasts

      Very few customers are comfortable sitting in front of a camera. It’s not something they do as a matter of course, so they need to be prepared and their story rehearsed. Above all they need to feel relaxed and comfortable to come across well.

      Because of the high level of work we put into them, the result is a far cry from the typical talking head, as you can see from these examples:

      That’s why we can spend as much as a whole day with your customer to shoot the content for a three-minute video. Much of this is before the camera crew turns up, and the result is a more relaxed and comfortable interviewee.