• Customer Intelligence

      Knowing how your customers are thinking and how they are planning to evolve their business strategies helps you understand what you need to do to stay on their preferred list, or get on to it at your competitors’ expense.

      It helps you find out how well you’re performing in existing customers’ eyes, and identify the ‘voting points’ that occur when they decide to carry on buying from you, or not.

      Our approach to customer intelligence is based around personal face-to-face meetings, at all levels from technical buyers through to the most senior strategy makers.

      Because we’re independent, customers open up to us more readily, and we can quickly sense the nuances that could make the difference between winning and losing your next deal.

      The results seen by our clients are incredibly powerful:

      • Immediate sales increases of up to 30%
      • Retention improvements of up to 50%
      • Clear insight into customer perceptions
      • Detailed understanding of buying drivers
      • Rapid identification of their challenges
      • Effective process development
      • Improved customer communications
      • Improved focusing of marketing messages
      • Identification of new sales opportunities

      These programmes substantially increase customer loyalty, and regularly open up significant promotional opportunities as customers follow up their participation by taking part in case studies, reference visits, round tables and executive events.

      We uniquely combine gathering quantitative data with qualitative experiential reporting – interviewing current, past and failed customers both face-to-face and by phone with our team of experienced senior business people

      We specialise in getting clear. honest and actionable insight.

      They are also an excellent resource for getting a deep and detailed understanding of what made a customer choose you in the first place. Surprisingly often this is very different from internal perception, and knowing what really made you stand out can have a dramatic effect on helping to improve marketing RoI.


    • Case study – Struggling with references…

      In a six year period one of our clients, Computacenter, quadrupled its sales. By contrast, the percentage of customers prepared to support them through case studies and references fell dramatically.

      By bringing in the Marketing Doctors to build a deeper understanding of their customers’ motivations and strategic direction, the client established that there was a significant disconnect between sales and implementation practices which had the potential to become a major challenge.

      The intelligence gathered helped the company to implement new practices and reshape their execution model, which helped secure their market position.

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