• Content Generation

      We all know that Content is King, but is yours George the Sixth or Richard the Third?

      The average website visitor will give you between eight and ten seconds to captivate them, so your content needs to be the best king ever – engaging, interesting, captivating and compelling.

      You’re not going to get that with a list of product features wrapped up with some unbelievable quotes. So if you want visitors to ‘stick’ with your site, you need to tell them a story that captures their attention.

      We do this through providing rich content that includes:

      • Copy writing
      • Customer stories
      • Animations
      • Videos
      • Whitepapers

      And it all starts with building the site map to ensure that your customer journey is as easy and clear as it can be.

      Customers first

      People want to find out four things when they come to your site:

      • Can they solve my problem?
      • Who else are they doing it for?
      • How good are they?
      • What are the tech specs?

      Your customers are the best possible source of great content, which is why we focus on getting their stories onto your site. Of course we do all the copywriting around it, but proof that you’re keeping customers satisfied is the best reason for others to call you.

    • The ‘Me-Me’ test

      Have you ever taken time to read and analyse your website content? Not from an SEO perspective, but from a reader’s?

      When you first learn to write you’re taught wherever possible to avoid using the first person – ‘I’, ‘We’,’Our’, because too many of those words actually excludes the reader. We call them ‘Me-Me’ words.

      Instead you’re taught to use third person descriptions, and second person (‘you’) to involve the person reading.

      As a test, try reading three pages at random on your website, starting with the homepage, and count the number of ‘Me-Me’ words. If the result is greater than 12, then you’re website risks coming across as suggesting your business is inward rather than outward looking.

      Is that the impression you want to give a potential customer? If not, call us on +44 1273 227778