• Key Opinion Leader engagement

      Whether you cal them ‘KoL’s’, ‘CxOs’ or just ‘Senior management’, very few companies have cracked the challenge of building and sustaining these senior level engagement programmes.

      There’s often a simple reason why – They want to hear about how you can help them create sustainable business strategies, whereas your sales guys want to shift product, and no-one holds relationships with them, or indeed knows how to.

      That’s why our approach to building these programmes starts by finding out what’s really keeping your customers’ C-suites awake at night.

      Then we turn this solid gold insight into powerful, focused and effective campaigns that:

      • Identify how your customers are evolving their businesses
      • Deliver insight to  shape product, marketing and account plans
      • Build regular face-to-face engagement programmes
      • Transform their opinion of you from supplier to partner
      • Identify major new business opportunities
      • Create topical and newsworthy content
      • Support PR, Social Media and advertising campaigns

      Today all major purchasing decisions are initiated by the most senior strategy makers. It can take a year or more for their ideas to work through a top-down process, so building strategic dialogue with these C-level strategy makers is becoming critical to long-term business building.

      Powerful results 

      The Marketing Doctors are all former CxOs ourselves so draw on our experience which has helped us  build and developed C-Level programmes in the Financial Services, IT, communications, Life Sciences and Property sectors.

      We must have met over 1,000 CxOs in the course of doing so, so have a pretty good relationship with many of these organisations.

      Not surprisingly most of our clients keep quiet about the exact return on investment, but generally you can expect somewhere well over 100x.


      Case Study: €20m revenue from £35k

      C-Level engagement can be extremely lucrative. On top of harvesting insight that can drive a change in business direction to build on opportunities identified, many of our clients have enjoyed substantial business wins.

      Just this year one of our clients picked up a £5m contract over the course of an executive dinner. Another identified over £ 100m of business opportunity that its sales team did not know about,

      One pan-European programme with Informatica generated over €20m revenue. You can read the full case study by clicking here.