• Is your business Brexit ready?

      According to a survey we carried out for one client in November 2018, the answer appears to be that 65% are adopting a ‘wait and see’ approach.

      To an extent, this is understandable, because until you know exactly what is going to happen you can’t take steps to deal with it. However, as the SAS like to say, without proper planning the result will only be pathetic performance.

      Even if you don’t conduct international business, you should be thinking about the impacts of Brexit on your customers and suppliers, and how to protect your business against being hindered by them.

      For example.

      • How are your customers looking at the potential implications?
      • Are they looking to reduce or increase spend?
      • How would this affect your profitability?
      • What factors will affect their loyalty to you?
      • What can you do to secure longer term business?
      • How will you manage a sudden drop or rise in business?
      • How will your systems cope with increased accounting needs?
      • Do you have the right suppliers in place to support you?
      • Are there new business opportunities?
      • How will Brexit affect your marketing plans?
      • What training do you need to give your staff?
      • What should you be saying to customers and staff?

      Whatever anyone else might tell you, the reality is that these are subjects on which you should really have a position, because from the beginning of 2019 forward, things are going to be very tricky.

      Certainly the smart money in the City right now is that Brexit will be massively disruptive. Add in the growing uncertainty over the future of the High Street, the rapid slowdown in the housing market, and the unprecedented rise in consumer debt, and you have all the ingredients for a sharp economic slowdown.

      The businesses that survive will be those with strong value propositions, excellent customer engagement and an agile and informed strategy to embrace and benefit from change.

      We can help you put all that in place.


    • Businesscritical decisions

      Unless you have thought about these questions, and developed strategies to answer them, then you could be at risk from Brexit, even if you have no international trade, because you can guarantee that your customers do, and their focus will be on suppliers the can help them through he transition to a new business environment.

      We are helping our clients navigate these uncharted waters in several ways:

      • Customer round tables, dinners and focus groups
      • Seminars and conferences
      • Workshops for staff and senior management
      • Strategy guide and white paper production
      • Customer and market research
      • Communications support

      We have been working with a number of organisations on this since the day after the referendum, when a procurement workshop we were running for Mitie turned into an impromptu workshop looking at the post-Brexit future.

      We had the benefit of  CxO level delegates from a number of companies including Rolls Royce, KPMG, Lloyds Bank, TFL, AstraZeneca, PWC and Vodafone, and the conclusion was that whatever the outcome, things are really going to change.

      The last two years have seen nothing to make us believe any different.