• Awards entries

      We’ve enjoyed a string of success winning national and international awards on behalf of our clients. Although part of the success of any entry depends on the effectiveness of the way the writing answers the brief, the key to winning lies in the quality of the content and the way it highlights innovation and achievement.

      Almost all the entries we make are for work that we’ve not been involved with as an agency, although we have entered this year’s B2B awards with Mitie’s Executive Relationship Programme. Generally we work on the basis that even though we get paid per award entered, if we don’t feel that an entry is worth submitting, we’ll advise against. Our service covers every aspect of the entry process, including:

      • Understanding award criteria
      • Selecting suitable clients with marketing team
      • Interviewing clients
      • Entry writing
      • Client sign off
      • Entry completion

      Award success

      Our track record to date is pretty impressive, with 80% of the entries we make going on to take either a first, second or third place in their category.

      While some clients are tempted to throw a pile of money at a particular awards scheme, our advice is to focus on quality rather than quantity – apart from anything else, judges will soon recognise a company that is blitzing in the hope of winning.

      We are happy to discuss your ideas with no commitment, so if you think you have a potentially award-winning story out there in your customer base, or indeed of your own, why not call us to talk it through?

    • From Quality Company to DMA

      Our most recent entry is in the B2B Marketing Wards for Mitie’s Executive Relationship Programme.

      We provide meeting facilitation, writing, thought leadership and C-level engagement services for this massively successful campaign, and given that it has cost less than £100k and generated over £50m of new opportunities, we reckon it’s in with a chance!

      In fact, our track record of award winning for clients goes back 20 years starting with a series of Plain English Awards for Marsh & McLennan, which were won for publications we actually wrote for them!

      Next we tackled the EFQM Excellence Award  for Xerox, winning the gold for European Quality Company of the Year in 2009.

      Following on from that saw a slew of entries to various Industry sector awards covering IT, Travel and Transport.

      In the last three years we’ve helped Argos win several ECMOD awards through our client Bazaarvoice, and scooped several DMA Awards for dotmailer clients including Odeon & Dove Spa