• Solving your problem

      Many CEOs have ‘improving customer satisfaction’ sitting between number four and six on their ‘to-do’ list.

      Which, of course, means it stays there, as more pressing demands keep rising to the top.

      We pick up that whole concern and take it off your desk, and give you back a complete solution. Of course we’ll ask you questions, but it’s the way we come up with answers that our clients most appreciate about working with us.

      Whether you’re looking to improve customer engagement at C-level, or trying to get to the bottom of a gnawing concern about service levels we will:

      • Create a detailed project brief before any fees are charged
      • Work with whichever departmental colleagues you choose
      • Provide a complete, outsourced service
      • Maintain the utmost discretion in customer dealings
      • Represent your company professionally
      • Respect and work with your customers
      • Keep you updated as we progress
      • Prepare detailed reports of our findings
      • Present these in an accessible format
      • Deliver recommendations for ongoing improvements

      Our experience means we can move seamlessly into any customer situation and immediately get the respect of all levels from shop floor to CEO.

      We are viewed as sympathetic and approachable, which means we get to the heart of whatever customers feel about our clients – whether amazing or abysmal.

      Because we’ve been CEOs ourselves we know the difference between talking about excellence and delivering it, and take pride in providing a high-quality service.

    • All the Marketing Doctors have senior experience in business management roles, most at MD/CEO level. Some have run large client organisations, others have headed up international agency groups.

      Between us we have practical, hands-on industry experience across most industries, covering both public and private sectors, including:

      • Aviation
      • Facilities Management
      • Financial services
      • Healthcare
      • Media and publishing
      • IT hardware, software and services
      • Life sciences
      • Manufacturing
      • Recruitment & HR
      • Risk management
      • Transport and logistics