• Three weeks, 8 cities, 300 people

      We started working with MicroStrategy in 2009 building a case study programme in EMEA just as the Facebook revolution started to lift off.

      As company used to dealing with ‘Big Data’, and a key Facebook partner, MicroStrategy is very well-positioned to provide technologies to help companies unlock the social graphs of their Facebook fans.

      The challenge was that the company’s established customer base lay among the IT teams, and it needed to break through the silo to the marketing departments to get on their radar.

      Our solution was to put the company’s greatest visionary, who also happened to be its CEO, in front of a group of specially invited CMOs, share the vision with them and get their input.

      Get yer kilt on!

      To achieve this, we organised a dinner in London in November 2010, at the exclusive Caledonian Club. Our services provided an end-to-end package, from working with the sales team to identify and invite guests, through finding and managing the venue, and hosting the evening.

      The event was extremely successful with 20 C-level guests from international retailers, merchant services and brands.

      The dinner produced a very warm response, as well as some great ideas and some good sales leads. Harm van Weezel, then CIO at Tesco, described it as: ‘One of the most enjoyable dinners I’ve been to – thought provoking, enjoyable and outstanding organisation.”

      Over the next year MicroStrategy refined its offering and took it to market. Along the way we helped them organise a conference in Monte Carlo to launch the products. Then, out of the blue, a year later we got the call to organise another dinner programme, but this time on a global scale!

      We were also given the CEO’s availability, which gave us just eight weeks to the first event, as well as having to work around Thanksgiving!

    • From SFO to MXP

      The brief was to start the tour in San Francisco, and over the next three weeks cover Seattle, Boston, New York, London, Paris, Cologne and Milan.

      The logistics alone were enormous. Finding venues in the EU took our team out of the office for a week, travelling to four cities and seeing as many as eight venues in a day! We ended up with excellent and unusual venues, including a Schloss near Cologne, and Paris’ coolest hotel.

      We also built invitation lists to identify key people, ensured that everyone was fully briefed and all events ran seamlessly.

      The fact that over 300 CMO-level guests attended, and that the whole thing went off without a hitch, is testament not just to the organisational skills, which we shared with MicroStrategy’s US events team, but also to the power of good content!

      As Karl-Heinz Land, SVP of MicroStrategy’s Social Media division summed up. “The first time I worked with the Marketing Doctors they achieved the seemingly impossible task of helping us launch a conference in Monte Carlo in just three months, and getting 160 people to come. This dinner tour followed from that, and once again they made the impossible seem easy!”

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