• Building business at C-level

      In the last decade the pressures of compliance, particularly in the financial services, insurance and life sciences sectors, mean that companies need to be able to show regulators a complete picture, so data integration is becoming a core function.

      For many years Informatica has enjoyed great success selling its data integration software to technologists and information architects, but the company struggled to get onto the C-suite’s radar

      In reality the most senior executives of large companies have little interest in the details of how they do technical things, but increasingly at ‘CxO-1’ level there are some very technically-astute and business savvy managers who are keen to find out how technology can solve strategic business challenges.

      The key to building Informatica’s ‘C-level’ programme lay in identifying these individuals and raising their awareness of how Informatica supports their strategic objectives

      Finding out who’s who isn’t that tricky, provided you know where to look and have a reasonable budget. The difficult part is trying to get them to come along and let you sell to them!

      So we didn’t.

      Instead, we created a series of issues-based white papers that explained how compliance drives the need to access and integrate data rapidly, and highlighted the experience of companies that have successfully done it.

      Hand-in hand with this activity we rolled out a series of seminars – with attendance by  invitation only – using very high-level speakers, including government ministers, international analysts and peers of the invitees, where they could learn more and understand how these challenges can be met.

      Our first event – a seminar called ‘Coping With Compliance,’ attracted over 140 senior managers from The City of London.

      The next one, covering the challenges of sharing data from drug manufacturing, attracted an exclusive and very high-level audience  of just 15 people, for a structured discussion and dinner at Cliveden.

    • The third seminar drew both themes together under the banner of Data Integration Competency, and saw over 200 people cramming into the Crypt at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

      The fourth event in the series took place with executive briefings in London and The Hague around the data challenges posed by SEPA, with just over of 100 attendees.

      These events put Informatica well and truly on the C-suite radar, and helped to unlock doors among the major management consultancies. It was, in their EMEA VP’s words, ‘Unquestionably the best marketing investment we’ve ever made.’

      The programme also helped to generate a figure comfortably north of €20m nett new sales.

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