• Strategic Customer Alignment

      If you haven’t heard of VUCA, you will soon. It stands for the business climate of the early 21st Century – Volatile, Uncertain, Changing, Ambiguous. In that environment making the wrong strategic decision could be fatal to the business.

      The best way to make sure that your customers treat you as a high value supplier is to continually realign your services to their changing needs. This means not just  understanding what they’ve needed in the past, which you can get from internal sales data, but where they see themselves evolving in the future.

      For that you need to get inside their thinking, which means sitting down face-to-face with their C-Level strategy makers to build a deep and detailed understanding of how they see their businesses’ future challenges and opportunities.

      The problem is that CxOs are reluctant to share that with suppliers.

      Which is where we can help.

      Independent, respected, resourceful

      Clients engage the Marketing Doctors to help them get closer to their customers at a strategic level, because we have access to them and are known and trusted for the work we do.

      We will meet your customers’ senior management personally, discuss their business challenges and strategies and what they need from our clients to support their own ambitions.

      Then we provide an independent, authoritative view of how well your services match those needs, how they can be improved and opportunities to increase your business.

      We have a proven set of methodologies to help build and sustain momentum, including:

      Understandably, because of its client confidential nature, most of the work we do is covered under strict NDAs so we can only show a small fraction of the published output from our campaigns on the website.

      If you would like to know more about how we could help you business win in the VUCA world through closer customer understanding, then give us a call on 01273 227778.


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      Dramatic results

      Here are some of the outcomes our clients have enjoyed from our customer engagement programmes:

      • Building a £250m pipeline through opening up C-level  engagement
      • Reducing client churn by 80% through building strategic relationships
      • Increasing net order value by 400% from new customers
      • A single CxO meeting that introduced the vendor to over £3m of new group business
      • Service strategy realignment from CxO feedback leading to 20% year on year growth

      None of these results would ever come from industry trend surveys or analyst reports. They came from us interviewing their customers and helping the clients to build and operate long-term executive relationship programmes.

      We also generate a lot of content which we turn into powerful marketing collateral that helps support our clients’ existing marketing agencies, including