• Strategic Customer Engagement

      The Marketing Doctors is a unique practice that opens doors for its clients through engaging the senior management tiers of their customers.

      We help our clients understand what is driving their customers’ strategies, and build programmes that foster long-term strategic engagement and business growth. These use a range of methods including:

      Understandably, because of its client confidential nature, most of the work we do is covered under strict NDAs, so we can only show a small fraction of the published output from our campaigns on the website.

      Shaping Workplace Strategy

      Much of the work we do with our clients is helping their customers to shape their business strategies. Out of this we have created a unique information portal, Workplace Strategy, where you can see some excellent examples of this thinking in action.  You will need to set up an account to view content, but don’t worry we won’t spam you!

      Dramatic Results

      Here are some of the outcomes our clients have enjoyed from our customer engagement programmes:

      • Building a £250m pipeline through opening up C-level  engagement
      • Reducing client churn by 80% through building strategic relationships
      • Increasing net order value by 400% from new customers
      • A single CxO meeting that introduced the vendor to over £3m of new group business
      • Service strategy realignment from CxO feedback leading to 20% year on year growth

      Awards winner







      None of these results would ever come from industry trend surveys or analyst reports. They came from us interviewing their customers and helping the clients to build and operate long-term executive relationship programmes.

      We also generate a lot of content which we turn into powerful marketing collateral that helps support our clients’ existing marketing agencies, including