• Engaging your customers

      If you don’t understand your clients’ strategic vision, how can you align your marketing to it?

      Clients engage the Marketing Doctors to help them get closer to their customers at a strategic level. We meet their senior management personally, discuss their business challenges and strategies and how our clients’ work fits in.

      Then we provide an independent, authoritative view of the factors that are redefining how well our clients’ services match those needs, how they can be improved and opportunities to increase their business.

      All our work involves interviewing customers and prospects at senior strategy-maker level, which generates a range of outputs including:

      We work alongside existing agencies and bring the benefits of experience and independence that add authority to your marketing.

      Dramatic results

      Here are some of the outcomes our clients have enjoyed from our customer engagement programmes:

      • A CxO who introduced the vendor to over £3m of new group business
      • A realignment of sales strategy leading to a 20% growth
      • A customer referral programme that doubled inbound enquiries
      • Improving customer retention by 20% through building closer relationships
      • Generating €10m p.a. through targeting CxOs

      None of these results would ever come from industry trend surveys or analyst reports. They came from us interviewing their customers.

      We are a team of experienced and senior business people who have all served our time in the C-suite, so can talk to customers at the most senior level as peers..

      We explore the nuances of customer feedback that can help you turn round dissatisfied customers, and give you the intelligence to shape your business to match their, and future prospects’, expectations.

      Find out how we can do this for you by clicking here.

    • Services

      Building profitability

      We’ve interviewed over 1,000 of our clients’ customers across several business sectors, and found that satisfaction levels generally break into four segments:

      • 15% love the vendor to bits
      • 40% are reasonably happy
      • 28% think they could do better
      • 17% are actively thinking about change

      These results suggest that at any time nearly half of the current customer base is open to being approached by a competitor.

      Our clients have found that by keeping their finger closely on the pulse of existing customer opinion, they can refine their customer engagement, slash customer churn, and drive up profits.